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Tothapuri Mango Puree

India grows some of the finest mangoes in the world. Tothapuri mango stands to be one among such varieties with its scintillating and rich bright yellow color with pleasant and abundant fragrance. The fruit is rich, shiny with soft texture, creamy and juicy, non-fibrous with very thin outer skin and sumptuous with less sweetness compared to Alphonso. The Mango Puree from us is extracted from fresh, rich, matured and ripe fruits that are handpicked direct from the groves. The mangoes are processed in such a way that the original taste, flavor and nutrition are perfectly retained also in the Puree. Thus, the puree is as tasty, aromatic and healthy as fresh as a ripe mango.

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The Mango Puree is vacuum packed and the shelf life is naturally elongated in a way that a fresh and original mango fruit can be tasted anytime in the year irrespective of the season. The product is packed in cans each of which contains 3.1 Kg of fresh mango puree. Or in smaller cans each of which contains 850gm of fresh mango puree according to the requirement of the customers. The product is also packed in Large Drums containing 215 Kg of fresh puree packed and sealed in aseptic bags. The product, mango puree, is absolutely free from preservatives, artificial colors, and chemicals, GMOs, pesticides, synthetic agents, addition of water or any artificial flavors. The puree can be used to make an array of products, wherever mango flavor is preferred, such as juices, Ice-creams, Salads, Soup, Sauce, Pickles and so on and also can be consumed directly.

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Mango Special Qualities

Nutritional Qualities: Mango fruit is rich in pre-biotic dietary fiber, Vitamins, Minerals and Poly Phenolic flavonoid anti-oxidant compounds very much essential for good health.

Medicinal Qualities: Mango helps control of heart rate, blood pressure and the minerals present in mangoes help in improvement of red blood cells. Mango is a good preventive for several diseases.

Mango is a unique fruit having all the six tastes that are essential for human consumption. Surprisingly a Mango evolves through all the tastes to its fullest maturity to bestow a sweet and delicious taste.

Spiritual Qualities: Among all the fruits mango has been recognized as the ‘Fruit of Wisdom’ by the great sages in the ancient tradition of India. Once consumed it is believed that mango evokes the deep spiritual qualities inherent in any human and thus brings out true human qualities in humans.

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